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“Easy A”
a review by Darby O’Gill

I find myself torn. On one hand Easy A does remind me of the spirit of a beloved John Hughes’ film, but on the other hand it gets a little too smart for its own good at times, much like that of Juno or Saved. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. The writing was one of my favorite parts of this movie. Well, that and the fact that Emma Stone was playing the lead. This really was the perfect marriage of smart and witty writing, mixed with just the right actress to pull it off. There are a few moments where it all feels a little too heavy handed, but over all it’s a nice refreshing teen comedy that manages to be edgy while still being able to hold on to it’s PG-13 rating. Imagine that, a movie for teens, that teens can actually go see. What’s next? A multi-parody pop-culture movie that is actually watch able? I’m just kidding. We all know that will never happen.

In Easy A, Olive (Emma Stone) tells a little white lie to her best friend in order to get out of a weekend outing, and quickly finds herself at the center of her high school’s rumor pool. She’s quickly branded the school whore, and at first doesn’t really mind her new found attention. But as you would imagine, one lie leads to another, and another, and… Well you get it. When Olive uses her new reputation to help an outed gay student fall off the bully-radar, by lying about a night of wild sex, it’s not too long before more troubled teens come to Olive for help. What starts out as a few good deeds quickly escalates into an all out epidemic. It doesn’t help matters that the school is currently reading Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, or that the school’s biggest bible-thumping prude (Amanda Bynes) has got it out for her. The movie also has a nice set of performances from Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci, as Olive’s modern new age parents. Not to mention one of this year’s best use of title card graphics. The bottom line here is Easy A gets a solid B+. Come on, you knew I wasn’t going to get through this review without at least one cheesy line.