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“Horrible Bosses”
a review by Darby O’Gill

It’s finally here, hands down the best comedy of the summer! Horrible Bosses is this year’s The Hangover, which is good news, because this year’s The Hangover Part II was horrible! An all-star cast leads the way with a witty script that’s just plain fun! Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman) is the definition of a hard working employee that’s just days away from finally getting that big promotion. The only problem is his self-centered dick of a boss, Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey). Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudeikis) is the son his boss never had… If only he didn’t actually have a son. And, when said son, Bobby Pellit (Colin Farrell) inherits the family business, Kurt quickly finds himself hating his once loved job. Dale Arbus (Charlie Day) is a dental assistant, whose boss, Dr. Julia Harris (Jennifer Aniston) doesn’t quite get the concept of a sexual harassment free work environment. So, when these three friends finally get pushed to their absolute breaking point, the only logical conclusion is to kill their bosses, or at least hire someone that can get the job done. Enter “Motherfucker” Jones (Jamie Foxx), the trio’s new murder consultant.

Horrible Bosses is not going to change the world, but one thing is for sure, it will make you laugh from start to finish. From director Seth Gordon, the same man that brought us the brilliant documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, comes a new instant classic. I have a feeling this will go right up there with the likes of Office Space, and Swingers. I realize that’s a pretty tall order, but this is one of the few movies I got to see this year that I wanted to see again almost the second it was over. The chemistry amongst the cast is fantastic! They may not be reinventing the wheel, but they sure as hell are having a good time spinning it! Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) completely steals the show, but Jamie Foxx is a close second. The weakest performance might surprise you. I would have to say it’s Kevin Spacey. It’s not that he gives a bad performance, but it’s just that he’s played this character a thousand times before. The one that will instantly come to mind is his performance as Buddy Ackerman in Swimming with Sharks. As much as I enjoy Spacey’s work, I think this role is just a little too close to his stereo-typical type casting for him. Without a doubt the most unrecognizable actor in Horrible Bosses is Colin Farrell. To say it’s Colin Farrell as you’ve never seen him before, would be an under statement. The bottom line on this one is that you just have to see it!




A good friend of mine, Kelly May, has this great new web series you’ve totally got to checkout. It’s called Darla, and so far there are eight episodes that you can find on her YouTube page. Darla also has a Funny or Die page, so if you like what you see be sure to head over there and vote for them as well!

In the series, Darla is constantly tormented and belittled by Stacey, a stupid ditzy little rich girl who always gets her way, well that is until Darla kills her. Which, she does in every episode. I really love the style and tone of the series, and I know you will too. So, what are you waiting for!? Stop reading this, and go watch them! Go! I’ll still be here when you’re done. I promise.

“Did You Hear About the Morgans?”
a review by Darby O’Gill

Did You Hear About the Morgans? No? Well, they suck. But you didn’t need me to tell you that. One look at this trailer, and you should have known it was bad news from the start. Now, I realize that there are people out there that enjoy these kinds of movies, but come on. How many more of these stupid “comedies” do we need? And, I say comedies sarcastically. Look, I’m all for a great romantic comedy, but don’t just churn some piece of shit movie out just for the sake of a piece of shit movie. There are some really great writers out there. When are studios going to stop wasting their money on these talent-less hacks, and invest in some writers with some real talent?

In Did You Hear About the Morgans?, Hugh Grant plays Paul Morgan, who wants to get back together with his estranged wife Meryl, played by Sarah Jessica Parker. He gets his wish when the couple witnesses a murder, and ends up being placed in the witness-protection program together. Don’t think it can get any hokier? Well, it does. The New York city slickers get relocated to a small town in Wyoming. The comedy just writes itself, doesn’t it? I really need to stop watching movies like this. I don’t know what else to say… I usually enjoy Hugh Grant, but he’s horrible in this. Well, that’s not totally fair to him. You can only do so much with the material you’re given. Sam Elliott and Mary Steenburgen give decant performances, but I’m truly grasping at straws here. The one thing I did learn from sitting through this movie is that Wilford Brimley isn’t dead. I know! I thought he was dead too! I guess Quaker Oats and Liberty Medical really do help with your diabetes. Either that, or Cocoon was a based on true story, and Wilford Brimley returns to Earth to make movies from time to time. Okay, the wheels have officially come off this review. The movie sucks. Don’t see it. End of story.