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The Official Comic Con App

That’s right, if you have an iPhone, and you’re heading to Comic Con, you’re definitely going to want to head over to the Apple App Store before leaving the house. The app crams an entire convention program’s worth of information into one easy to use app, and includes a countdown clock until the opening of the show (which isn’t going to do anything for you at this point), big news updates from the show, event listings, a list of exhibitors, and even convention center maps, complete with booth locations and points of interest. The best part… It’s FREE! I know! So, what are you waiting for?! Get the App. Get the info. And get your ass to San Diego, or Whale’s Vagina as its better known to the Germans. You know I will. I do love me some Whale’s Vagina this time of year. That’s right, your old pal Darby is heading down Friday night, and will be there all weekend long! So, look for the upcoming Saturday and Sunday coverage here on the Stash. There’s going to be more pictures and video than you can shake a stick at. Also be sure to follow my tweets live from the convention center floor. Now, I must go… It’s time to get my geek on.