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“Your Highness”
a review by Darby O’Gill

A ye old tale from long ago, of two brothers, one brave and true, and the other… Well, a bit of a lazy sissy boy. Your Highness is from the same people that brought you Pineapple Express, and although the title would lead you to think otherwise, the movie has nothing to do with pot. The aforementioned sissy boy, Thadeous played by Danny McBride, lives the luscious life of a prince, without any of the pesky responsibilities. That’s largely in thanks to his older brother Fabious, played by James Franco, who is next in line to one day be King. With the no pressure, or real purpose, Thadeous spends his days frolicking with his servant Courtney, played by Ramus Hardiker. That’s not to say that Thadeous doesn’t take himself seriously. He believes that he is much braver and better suited to one day be King. He’d be wrong, but none the less he still believes it. But, when his brother’s fiancé is kidnapped by an evil wizard on the day of their wedding, the King decides that it is high-time that Thadeous prove himself on a proper quest, and Your Highness is the story of that quest.

I’ve got to say, I didn’t think this was going to be anything more than a bunch of dick and fart stoner jokes, but it turned out to be more of a throw back to films of old, like The Princess Bride or Clash of the Titans. The good one! (Not that 3D piece of shit from a few years ago.) I was really shocked! I wasn’t the biggest fan of Pineapple Express. I thought it was funny and had it’s moments, but not a classic by any means, and I think the same is true for Your Highness. Although, I did like it a lot more than Pineapple. Danny McBride is great! He’s at the top of his game, and doing what he does best. The relationship between McBride and James Franco is outstanding! And, Franco continues to surprise me! He’s the kind of actor I don’t think of very often. That is, until I’ll hear about him in a movie, and think that doesn’t sound like something I can picture James Franco doing, but then he’s great! And, where do we even begin with Natalie Portman?! Say what you will about her Oscar win, she was hands-down last year’s MVP. She’s had three back-to-back movies come out in the last three months, and they were all good! Do you know how hard that is to pull off? Some people can’t even put out one good movie a year. Your Highness is not Oscar worthy, but much like Paul, it’s a fun ride that will make you laugh.



a review by Darby O’Gill

The king of blue collar movies is back, and this time Mike Judge brings us the tale of Joel, played by Jason Bateman, whose life just seems to be going nowhere fast. Joel’s small extract company is doing very well, but his employees never quite seem to be satisfied. Their hours are too long, their pay is never enough, and when rumors of Joel selling the company hit the floor, what little moral they had left goes right out the window. As if that wasn’t enough trouble for poor Joel, his marriage and sex life seem to be nonexistent, and when there’s an accident on the factory floor that causes one of the workers to loose a testical, things go from bad to worse. The incident not only threatens the buyout, but also catches the eye of a local grifter, played by Mila Kunis. Add to all this, a pain in the ass neighbor, brilliantly played by David Koechner, and a best friend bartender, played by Ben Affleck, who gives a surprisingly funny performance. This only seems to add to Joel’s troubles, when he suggests that Joel hirer a ringer to test his wife’s fidelity, so he himself might feel better about his thoughts of having an affair. Take all that and mix in Mike Judge’s unmistakable brand of comedy, and you have a bonafide hit.

Nobody can play an everyman quite like Jason Bateman. His timing is always just dead on. I could watch him all day, and I think I have on a few Arrested Development marathons. The entire cast does a phenomenal job, and Mike Judge’s writing/directing takes an average story and makes it something extraordinary. Just like Office Space, you’ll be quoting this movie in no time. Just ask ingus or dingus.

It’s not a bad way to start the fall movie season. After this past summer, we desperately need some good solid movies in the fall, and not just Oscar good movies either. No, we need fun, entertaining, and most of all funny movies. You know like… Extract. I can’t think of a better way to spend your Labor Day, than watching a bunch of people hate their jobs. It might even be safe to say that, Extract is so funny, you’ll bust a nut.” Too corny? Just go see it.


4.5 Little People