“Jackass 3D”
a review by Darby O’Gill

Well, the boys are back in town, and this time they’re going to let you take a few balls to the face right along with them, all in glorious 3D! That’s right, finally a movie that truly deserves the 3D treatment. I know, it sounds like a joke, but after seeing it for myself, Jackass 3D just might be exactly what 3D movies needed. You might also think that it’s just going to be a series of cheesy and vulgar things being poked at the audience, but it’s not… Well, maybe at times, but they actually use the 3D technology to its absolute best capabilities. In a previous review, I mentioned that one of the biggest problems with 3D movies these days is that some of the faster action sequences tend to cause the images to blur and sometimes loose their effect. I also recently mentioned that the use of 3D and high speed slow motion in Resident Evil: Afterlife was an excellent way of capturing the full potential of this modern resurgence of 3D cinema. Surprisingly Jackass 3D manages to take that concept to a whole new level. I think one of the most surprising things about Jackass 3D, is that they really planned each stunt to utilize the depth of each shot, but they also made sure the enjoyment wouldn’t be lost in 2D viewings, which is more than I would have ever expected from them. Speaking of 2D, I love the fact that a 3D movie chose to open their movie with a pair of 2D characters presented in 3D. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so I’ll just leave it at that, but trust me it’s good. If you’ve seen the previous Jackass movies, you’ll know that this is most likely the most you’ll laugh at a movie all year, and it could very well be the last one. The guys are definitely getting older, and I would have to imagine that the idea of retirement has got to be creeping its way into their minds by now. But, I can tell you, that you will be able to see something in Jackass 3D that you’ve never seen in a Jackass movie before. What could that possibly be, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Steve-O doing stunts… Let me finish! Steve-O doing stunts totally sober. And, you can totally tell. He’s much more aware of the things about to happen, and he almost seems nervous at times. You don’t need me to tell you this is a good time, and quite easily the most fun you’ll have with a room full of strangers. I think my favorite line of the entire movie would have to be, “You looked like Buck Rogers traveling in time.” I laughed my ass off during this movie, and I would highly recommend seeing it 3D. It’s well wroth the higher ticket price. And, what would a Jackass movie be without a big… Scratch that. A huge closing sequence, and Jackass 3D does not disappoint. I’m telling you, this scene put the café scene in Inception to shame. Man up and go see it! You’ll thank me.