Jumping Gigawatts!

Now, some people think Star Wars, or for others it might even be Indiana Jones, and for some of you younger readers out there it might be The Lord of the Rings. But, for me… When I hear the word trilogy, I think of only one thing, and that is Back to the Future! It’s easily one of my favorite movies of all time, and this year Back to the Future is turning 25. To help celebrate the movie’s silver anniversary there is going to be an event of epic proportions in Burbank, California this November. It will be a full weeklong event, filled with celebrity guests, and unforgettable Back to the Future themed activities. All taking place during the historic week that Marty McFly spent in 1955. From November 5th to the 12th, fans of the Back to the Future Trilogy will do everything from seeing a screening of the original movie at the shooting location of the Twin Pine Mall, to a Battle of the Bands talent show! They’ll even learn how to use a hoverboard from the movie’s original stunt team! And, what better way, to end the weeklong event, than with an amazing recreation of the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance held at the dance’s original filming location. This is going to be a absolute must for any Back to the Future fans out there! I haven’t even told you the best part yet! All the proceeds from the event will be going to Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research! So, fire up those DeLorean’s to 88 miles per hour, and head over to We’re Going Back to buy your tickets now! You would be a total butthead not to!

Be sure to check back here in November for event updates, and a special Stash tribute to the greatest movie ever made!