“Valentine’s Day”
a review by Darby O’Gill

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, than with a review of Garry Marshall’s Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day? Okay, there is probably a better way to spend Valentine’s Day, but that’s all I have for you this year… So, get over it.

In Valentine’s Day, we follow the lives of several people, and the events that take place on what day? That’s right, Valentine’s Day! Do you see a pattern forming here? This movie also has an all-star cast the length of my arm. Now, when most movies have a cast of this size, it’s almost a sure thing that the movie is going to totally suck, but not so much in this case. Normally, one of the biggest problems of movies of this scale is the script. They almost always screw-up the pacing of the story by trying to make sure all the A-List actors are getting enough screen time. I’m happy to say this isn’t the case in Valentine’s Day. Amazingly, this script really flows well from one sub-story to the next, and it also works really well as a whole. That’s not to say this movie is perfect. This movie definitely has its flaws, the biggest being Queen Latifah’s acting. Wait, I’m sorry that’s not totally true. The worst performance came from dumb & dumber. I’m sorry, I mean Taylor & Taylor. Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner give two of the worst performances I’ve seen in a movie to date. Ah, what a train wreck! Now, I haven’t seen the Twilight movies, so I don’t know if Lautner can normally act. But, working next to “Acting 101” Swift, Lautner looked like he couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag. Surprisingly, Ashton Kutcher’s performance was bearable! I was expecting him to be over the top, and annoying, but he gave a nice subtle performance. Also playing a big part in this movie, is the city of Los Angeles. Shot on location on the streets of L.A., Valentine’s Day will become another one of those movies, that when friends come to visit you in from out of town. You’ll take them for a ride around L.A. and say, “This is where that one scene in Valentine’s Day was shot.” Now, I’m not saying this is a must see movie, but if your lady wants to go see it, there are worse movies you could sit through. Just be glad she doesn’t want to see Leap Year.