a review by Darby O’Gill

Well, if you’ve ever been skiing before, I’m sure these thoughts have passed through your mind at least once or twice. What if this ski lift got stuck? Would I be able to jump from this height? How long would I wait before trying to get down? All these questions and more are the subject matter of the movie Frozen. When three friends… Well, two best friends and a tag-along girlfriend hit the slopes of a New England ski resort, all seems to be fine until the mountain announces they will be closing early due to an incoming winter storm. Having spent most the day on the bunny slope to accommodate Dan’s girlfriend Parker, played by Emma Bell, the trio decide to end their day on an advanced trail, but have to bribe the ski lift operator to let them on the lift after he’s already announced the last run of the day. One slight misunderstanding later, the three find themselves stranded on the middle of the ski lift a fifty feet above the ground, and due to the mountain’s schedule, could possibly be stuck up there till next weekend, when the resort will be open again.

Frozen is like Open Water on a ski lift. It’s that little movie that will most likely get great word of mouth, and hopefully get seen by a lot of people. Let’s start that great word of mouth here. I was really excited to see writer/director Adam Green’s new movie. I enjoyed his last venture, Hatchet, but I’m even a bigger fan of Adams because he features my favorite shop in the whole world, Newbury Comics, in his films. Newbury Comic is a music/comic/toy shop in Massachusetts. I have been a loyal customer since high school, and highly recommend shopping at one if you ever get the chance. Okay, I’m getting a little off topic here. The other thing I really enjoyed about Frozen, was its ability to take place in one location for the entire film. Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell, and Kevin Zegers give outstanding performances, and I think the audience will find it easy to relate to their characters. But, I think the thing I loved the most, is that Adam Green gave a shout-out to Wachusett Mountain in the film, which is the mountain that I skied on growing up in New England. I’m just glad I didn’t have to ski there this year after seeing this movie. I really hope this movie does well. I think that its little movies like this that make movie making exciting. It may not be the best movie of the year, but it is truly the first must see movie of 2010 in my book. In a nutshell, go see it. Don’t see it in a nutshell, see it in a theatre. You know what I mean. Go see it.