“Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space”
a review by Darby O’Gill

Just when you thought everything from our childhood was dead. Last night I got to see something I’d never thought I’d see again, a Holiday Special! You remember those don’t you? I’m not talking about Rudolph or Frosty. No, I’m talking about when stars of the Saturday Morning lineup hit primetime with a special holiday tale. Only this time it’s not Saturday Morning answering the call, but rather Hollywood, more specifically DreamWorks Animation. Last night the cast of Monsters vs. Aliens, re-teamed for a half-hour Halloween special, the first of many hopefully. The best part of this is that the original cast of voice talent got back together; so this is not one of those let’s just throw something together projects. DreamWorks Animation is doing it right.
In the special, we find the Monsters getting ready for Halloween, when an alien spaceship makes a quick pit-stop in Modesto, to dump their waste in a pumpkin patch. When the Monsters arrive to investigate, they quickly discover that the pumpkins are starting to come to life. It’s short and sweet, but one thing is for sure. Thanks to DreamWorks Animation, the Holiday Special is now back for a whole new generation. Also look for their Christmas special featuring the cast of Madagascar, in Merry Madagascar this winter.

3.5 Little People