John Hughes died today of a heart attack, and so did a little bit of my childhood. Actually, that’s not true. A large part of my childhood died today. So many of John Hughes’ movies have inspired me over the years. I know he hasn’t made a movie in many years, but loosing him this soon, just makes me realize we’ll never be able to get just one more film. I think deep down, I was always holding out for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 2. Where Ferris and Cameron take the day off from work and just maybe their kids also just so happen to skip school that day as well. I really wanted to say something about John Hughes, but I never met him, and seem to be at somewhat of a loss for words. But then I stumbled upon this post, and thought it would just be better to share this with all of you.

Please read this link. Sincerely, John Hughes