“The Ugly Truth”
a review by Darby O’Gill

Well, The Ugly Truth is just that. I got to tell you, I had no interest in seeing this movie, but a press screening is a free screening. So for the sake of being a good journalist, I went. I would like to say, I was pleasantly surprised. However, this was exactly the train wreck I was expecting. What I wasn’t really expecting was the rude crudeness of the film. This is the American Pie of chick flicks. Wait! Don’t misunderstand that statement. I’m not saying this movie is good! What I’m trying to say is that this chick flick relies on dick and fart jokes, or in this case vagina and fart jokes, to get the laughs. It reminds me of the Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate movie, The Sweetest Thing, only that movie worked a little better than this.

Does it sound bad, that the one thing that I did like in this movie was the lighting? I really found myself noticing the colors and look of the film. The film itself however, is the ever transparent storyline of Abby, played by former American sweetheart, Katherine Heigl, a morning television producer in Sacramento whose show is struggling in the ratings. The obvious solution is hiring Gerard Butler’s character Mike, a loud mouth late-night public access channel host that tells lovesick women that they know nothing of what men want. Can any of you guess the name of his show? Transparent as tracing paper, that’s right, it’s The Ugly Truth. It took three people to write this script. Amazing! Now believe it or not, Abby and Mike hate each other… I know! You really don’t see any of this stuff coming. But you know what this story really needs? I know. How about a little “Cyrano De Bergerac” storyline to spice it up? But wait, if Abby uses Mike to help her get a man, doesn’t that mean that they will ultimately realize that they are really in love with each other? Don’t be silly. A movie could never be that obvious… Oh, I’m sorry. I’m being told it can be that obvious. It’s painful; it really is. The jokes and situations in this film are so forced, you could probably press charges. It really wants to be this hybrid of a girl’s night out flick with a manly edge. But, what you get is just a sad desperate little movie trying to fit in. Now I think I’m laying it on a little thick. There are a few moments in this film that do work. The chemistry between Heigl and Butler does work to some degree, but I think it’s more clear that Hollywood believes they have found themselves a Mel Gibson replacement in Gerard Butler, and they might very well have. Katherine Heigl’s charm shines through at times, but it’s nothing new, and it’s really not enough in the end. I think this movie will most likely do well. I think some ladies out there will enjoy having a raunchy chick flick to drag their men to. But, most of them will most likely be teens, which doesn’t make sense because with an “R rating” they shouldn’t be able to get in. Well, now that I think of it, maybe it won’t do so well after all. I mean, what with the majority of people seeing the movie being teenage girls that have to sneak in to see it; no one will really be buying movie tickets. Well that makes me feel a little better.


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